John Muir

"The Two Johnnies" "John of Birds" and "John of Mountains." "John Burroughs, age 72, and John Muir, age 70, taken in Yosemite.

“The Two Johnnies” “John of Birds” and “John of Mountains.” “John Burroughs, age 72, and John Muir, age 70, taken in Yosemite.

In this website about John Muir, we will try to cover every facet of his life. Not just the life of John Muir, the Botanist.

John Muir was an American and Scottish Author, Engineer, botanist, geologist and naturalist. He was born on the twenty-first of April, 1838 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland. He was very active in the campaign of pthe reservation of wilderness in the United States of America. He played an important role in the campaign of the Sequoia, Yosemite Valley and in National Park. He wrote many books, essays, and letters, which tells about his adventures in nature. His book titled “Sierra Nevada Mountains of California” was considered the most adventurous book and it has been read by millions around the country. John Muir founded the Sierra Club (an American Conservation Organization).

John Muir devoted his entire life in order to preserve the western forests. In fact, He was the one who filed the petition to the members of the U.S. Congress for the original National Park system and it was passed in 1890, establishing Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park. He was very optimistic in his work and he tried his best to inspire the readers to look after the environment and pay attention to the preservation of nature.

Mostly, John Muir’s writings are discussed in his journals and books. He is quoted by natural photographers i.e. Ansel Adams. Several other writers have highly praised John’s work in their own independent writings. He is also famous because he was noted for being a strong political spokesman, religious prophet and an ecological thinker. Today, He is referred to as the Father of the United States national parks.

John Muir’s Activism and Controversies

  • Preservation efforts
  • Establishing Yosemite National Park
  • Sierra Club
  • Preservation VS conservation
  • Helping Native Americans
  • Hetch Hetchy dam controversy

John Muir’s Major Philosophical beliefs

  • Philosophical beliefs of nature and Theology
  • Philosophical beliefs of sensory perceptions and light
  • Seeing nature as home

The Legacy of John Muir

More than three hundred articles and twelve books are published about John Muir. He co-founded the Sierra Club and when he died, the Government of the United States of America established many additional national parks and the US national parks now see as many as 2.4 million visitors annually. John Muir has been known as the patron saint of the American Wilderness as well as its archetypal free spirit.

Tributes and Honors to John Muir

John Muir day is celebrated on the 21st of April each year. In light of John’s great services, the US Government changed the name of one famous trail to John Muir Trail, which is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There are several other places which are named in the name of John Muir such as Muir Beach, Camp Muir, Muir Woods National Monument, John Muir College and Muir Glacier. Here is a list of some various places which are named after John Muir:

  • John Muir National Historic Site
  • John Muir College
  • John Muir High School
  • Camp Muir
  • Muir’s Peak next to Mount Shasta
  • John Muir Elementary in Martinez California
  • John Muir Elementary in Portage Wisconsin

Death of John Muir

He died at a California Hospital (California Hospital Medical Center) in Los Angeles California on 24 December 1914. His cause of death was Pneumonia and at that time, his age was 76 years old. He left behind his spouse Louisa Wanda Strentzei and his 2 daughters and 10 grand children.